This What You Get When Using some of the best ecommerce platforms for startups in the USA

When you are running an e-commerce business the platform that you choose to work with will set the tone of how your business will start working from the beginning, which is why it is very important that you find the perfect one. There are a ton of amazing options out there now thanks to the sudden growth of the ecommerce world and the fact that people now shop online more than ever before.

The right platform needs to offer you all of the right features that will help make running your business much easier and make it more efficient overall. Taking a good look at, both, the advantages and disadvantages of the platform is very important, and that is exactly what we’re going to do today. Keep reading below in order to find out a little bit more about some of the best ecommerce platforms out there, and hopefully, we will be able to find the best ecommerce platform for startups in the USA.


This is an online shopping platform that comes with five different models of pricing, which means that you will be able to pick the perfect one for you depending on the size of the business and the amount of product that you’re selling. This is also a platform that, unlike many others, comes with unlimited options when it comes to product storage. You will be able to use a wide range of payment gateways on your e-commerce things to the fact that this platform supports a lot of them, which is amazing because you were getting a lot of flexibility in terms to the checkout options that you can offer to your customers.

It is also a platform that will allow you to achieve scale which is definitely a feature that a lot of companies find very beneficial. However, something that can be considered as a downside of this platform is the fact that it is not one of the most intuitive ones out there, especially when compared to our next candidates. It also offers very limited free template options and some of the overall processes can be very difficult to understand, especially for a business owner of a startup.


Is one of the most popular platforms out there, this is definitely the platform that has the best chance of being the best e-commerce platform for startups in the USA. This platform has been specifically designed for small businesses and small online stores, which is probably a big reason of why this platform is so popular. Just as our previous option had several plants to choose from, this platform also offers you the same.


However something that most other platforms don’t offer you is a plan specifically designed for small businesses that are just starting out, and in this case, that is the shopify.com/plus/solutions/international-ecommerce plan that start at only $9 which is amazing. Some of the great advantages of Shopify include things like providing you with hundreds of apps that you can use to enhance your online store, integration with fulfillment centers, drop shipping companies, shipping carriers and so on. It is also an amazing option if you only have a brick and mortar store because it also offers a point of sale system that is perfect for handling transactions in a physical shop.


However, the one pretty big downside of shop if I is the fact that it does cost a lot of money because apart from there being a monthly subscription fee there is also a transaction fee which is something that a lot of customers don’t like.


Since this is the top choice for some of the biggest brands in the world, you can definitely see why we chose to put this platform on our list. This is a very versatile and flexible platform that will allow you to get the exact look you want for your online store. This is a very user-friendly solution and one of the best parts about it is that it is a very scalable platform, which means your business will be able to grow and the platform will grow with it.

However, when you’re running a start up business and you don’t have the biggest technical experience, Magento can get very expensive in terms of technical support. This is a platform that has a very steep learning curve, and that is definitely something that can be very time-consuming, which is definitely something that you need to keep in mind.

Whether you decide to use Shopify, Magento or 3DCart, it is still incredibly important for you to do all the research you can in order to pick the best ecommerce platform for startups in the USA. We hope that you found this article useful and that you managed to find the perfect platform for your own business.

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